Elect Christopher Callas

For Chemung County Legislature in the 8th District



Click here to see WETM's Story about Christopher Callas (Nov. 4)!


Voting is on November 6th from 6 AM until 9 PM. Please check with the Chemung County Board of Elections to see where you can vote!

Time until voting starts: Figuring that out...

We were at the Chemung County Fair with Tracy Mitrano!

We were on the Frank Acomb Radio Show... TWICE!

Check that out, here!


Click here to see coverage from September 17 on WENY about Christopher Callas's campaign announcement!


Why Vote Callas?

Christopher Callas is a leader of our schools and is very well educated, with a Master's Degree and two Associate's Degrees, is a Current Elected member of the Elmira Heights School Board, and the Creator and Organizer of the annual Elmira Elks College Fair. To learn more, visit our Talking Points.


Our photos

Here are some photos of our supporters! We're only showing a maximum of three here to save bandwidth, but you may check them all out here.

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